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The dream of working in the music industry started when I (Joost A.K.A. Galardo) worked as a cocktail bartender. I saw the DJ's and wanted to do that himself. But how? I started My own event and booked himself as a DJ among 4 others. one of these booked DJ's showed me how to make music and I was hooked instantly! This way my journey in the world of music started. 
We performed as a DJ duo in numerous national and international clubs and festivals for 5 years and made a lot of music together. After 5 years I felt it was time for a change and wanted to develop more as a producer and solo artist. "Galardo" was born.
I had to take a step back from the DJ scene and read a lot about the different production techniques. Because I love the technical side of making music I felt that I finally found what really wanted to do. 
From this day on I still make music under the name Galardo. 2018 was the year were it all came together. In that year I signed music to, Tiger Records and Spinnin Records.
The key to succes is My growth mindset: "the journey only just began".